This project was originally started back in December of 2011 and it has quickly evolved into a large project that it is today. The original purpose of this project to teach myself the basics of coding at a fairly young age and something for me to do during my spare time. Besides Polarity, I have worked on other projects such as text editors, media players, and even a basic calculator. Polarity was the first of my projects to have gotten this much attention from the web and backed by the encouragement of my friends and family. As Polarity grown in size with more and more lines of code, there was one question in mind:
How do I make it better?

Well over time, it improved due to the help of the wonderful community of the Awesomium Forum and many other communities. Without their knowledge and time, Polarity would not have become the project it is today.

As a minor tech startup and the sole developer of Polarity, I pride myself in making applications to respond to user feedback and to grow from it as well. I have devoted three years into this project and I am still very determined to focus and expand it. Unfortunately, costs are starting to become an issue in keeping this project alive including all of its web services. Any amount of donations will be more than enough to keep this project running. I value user feedback highly so do not hesitate to email me any suggestions or concerns you may have.

-Stanley Lim (polaritybugs@gmail.com)

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