Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy and we do not collect data from our services. Period.

We know that privacy is a huge concern for anyone using software downloaded from the internet. Our aim is to ensure that privacy is respected and that is reflected in our services such as Polarity Browser. Our privacy policy will explain what information we collect and what we don't collect and how we use that information. We will try to keep this as concise and straightforward as possible.

What information does/doesn't Polarity collect?

The only information that we collect from our users while using our services is information from the user visiting our website (this one,, and We will also occasionally collect crash data from Polarity for Windows and users will be notified if it goes into effect. Polarity also collects any bug report or suggestion sent by the user via the "Contact Us" page of our website. Any saved information such as cache, cookies, history, favorites, and other forms of information on Polarity Browser on Windows and Android is not collected and stored by anyone but the user. Login information stored in PolarPass can only be accessed by the user and is encrypted. We will not ask for any information upon installation of the browser. This privacy policy is not applied on third party apps created for Polarity by third party users and the extension of rules from this policy may not be extended to the app.

How does Polarity use this collected information?

As stated above, the only information we collect is traffic into our websites and occasional crash data on Polarity for Windows. Users will be informed if we decide to collect crash data and can opt out of it. We use this information to help improve our services. Any emails that are sent to us will not be shared with anyone else and is only kept between us and the user.

Software Privacy Policy

Personal information such as bookmarks, history, cookies, PolarPass accounts, saved settings, and cache will never be collected by us. When Polarity is updated to a new version, all personal files remain intact.


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Last Updated: 12/27/14

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