Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Polarity 6.3

Polarity 6.3 is now out. This update is mainly a UI update which adds shadows to the tab container. The shadows help to better define where the tabs are and provide depth that mimic those in Android's Material Design. Other design changes included a better minimal scrollbar look, which may end up replacing the regular Windows scrollbar in future updates, and tab size readjustments to make a more coherent user interface.

As for features, most of these were user requested. These can be found in the new tools menu in the settings panel located at the top right corner of the browser. Some of these features include pop out mode for Youtube videos, changes to website translation, and more. A new image viewer was added into this build as a beta feature which could be enabled in the settings. The new image viewer offers a cleaner interface which centers the image when you first view it. You are also allowed to zoom in and out of the image as well as move it around the screen.

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