Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I remember when Google Chrome used to be the fast, snappy, and light weight browser that we all knew and loved. However, the browser has been heavily bogged down by numerous updates that include tons of features that were not necessary for daily use, mainly in the experimental section. New APIs, apps, extensions, and themes were added. Not all of these slowed the browser down, but the new enhancements did a number on RAM and CPU usage. Essentially, Chrome became an operating itself with the introduction of Chrome OS. Chrome on other desktop operating systems mirror Chrome OS and carries with it the bulk that slows the machine down. Chrome is now slow and bloated -- and much of that could be said about Google Groups.

Recently I have become aware that Google Chrome decided to start blocking the Polarity installer from being downloaded on a user's computer. This has never happened before and I was not aware of it until many emails came in stating that Chrome has blocked all downloads of Polarity on any site. Not only that this is annoying for the user, it is also annoying to me since it gives Polarity a bad reputation which has already been reflected by a couple of software vendors. This made it entirely more complicated for me to push out updates to all the websites that allow users to download Polarity. I have contacted Google Groups on this issue, and the support was sluggish and inaccurate. I was simply given the instructions to rectify this issue for a Chrome App/Extension rather than a Windows application. Not only that, the Polarity Installer also does not perform any of the "deceptive" behaviors listed.

This is highly unfair for new software developers as it gives them a bad name in the software world. Even though I do not depend on Polarity as a way to make a living, there are many others that also work very hard to do just that. I hope that Google will change its policy to actually reviewing each program that blacklist instead of blacklisting them based on its market share online.

Tl;dr: With that being said, it is best to download Polarity from other browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, etc...

Another response from Google may take a while and completely resolving this issue may take even longer.

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